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Interested in joining the lab?

Shoot Prof. Wheatley an email with a brief statement of why you want to do research in the MMOT lab –

Principal Investigator – Ben Wheatley

education – BS, Trinity College (Hartford, CT) 2011, & PhD, Colorado State University 2017
employment – Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
expertise – Orthopaedic and Computational Biomechanics

Current Personnel

Ally Clarke (BS BME ’24, research staff) – gait biomechanics & muscle fatigue
Bryce Reimer (BS MECH ’24 & MS MECH ’25) – bighorn sheep biomechanics
Amelia Boyd (BS MECH ’25) – knee joint biomechanics/FEA
Akinkunmi Peter-Koyi (BS Biochem ’27) – mechanical properties of muscle
Adrina Iachini (BS MECH ’26) – mechanical properties of muscle
Chiara Vesicchio (BS MECH ’26) – bighorn sheep biomechanics
Gianni Valentine (BS Biochem ’27) – mechanical properties of muscle
Juliana Capizzi (BS BME ’26) – bighorn sheep biomechanics
Kailey Granger (BS MECH ’27) – gait biomechanics
Maddie Lehker (BS BME ’26) – muscle fatigue & wearable devices

Lab Alums

Jake Schaefer, MECH ’24
Kyle Young, MECH ’24
Ally Clarke, BME ’24
Marianne Voigt, BME ’24
Hunter Vestal, MECH ’24
Jose Juarez, MECH ’24
Minhaj Bhuiyan, BME ’23
Sabrina Lorza, MECH ’23
Jack Calisi, Psych ’23
Anthony Zamarra, BME ’23
Olivia Dyer, Biochem ’22
Thomas Matsumura, Neurosci ’22
Keith Grega, BME ’21
Anurag Vaidya, BME ’21
Ruth Segall, Biochem ’21
Emily Tully, MECH ’21
Kristen Fu, MECH ’20
Elyssa Penson, MECH ’21
Margo Yancey, MECH ’19
Joelle Andres-Beck, MECH and Comparative & Digital Hum ’20
Sai Pranav Rallabhandi, MECH ’21
Christine Bendzinski, Biochem ’18


Dr. Mark Seeley, Associate Program Director for Orthopaedic Surgery, Geisinger Medical Center
Dr. Chulhyun Ahn, Staff physician, Dept. of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Geisinger Health System
Dr. Brecca Gaffney, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado Denver
Dr. Pierre-Yves Rohan, Assistant Professor, Arts et Metiers ParisTech, France
Dr. Seth Donahue, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Aaron Drake, Human Performance Engineer, KBR, Inc. (NASA Contractor)