Interested in joining the lab?

We are in search of motivated and inquisitive undergraduate and M.S. students to join the MMOT laboratory. Available projects always vary, but generally include either experimental work, computational work, or both.

More information on the Bucknell Mechanical Engineering MS graduate program can be found at this link.

Email Dr. Wheatley if you are interested or want to discuss more:

Principal Investigator – Dr. Benjamin Wheatley

Dr. Wheatley received his B.S. in Engineering from Trinity College in 2011. After working for a year in the biomedical engineering industry near Boston, he joined Dr. Tammy Haut Donahue’s laboratory at Colorado State University. Dr. Wheatley completed his PhD, focusing on finite element analysis of skeletal muscle in 2017.

Current Undergraduate Students

Keith Grega, Bucknell University ’21, Biomedical Engineering

Keith is a Biomedical Engineering student at Bucknell University. He enjoys playing soccer, tennis, and going on hikes. Another lifelong interest of his is working with kids and adults who have disabilities. Keith is working on studying the aponeurosis – a tendinous sheath that transmits force in skeletal muscle. After his four years at Bucknell, he hopes to attend medical school and one day become an Orthopedic Surgeon.

Anurag Vaidya, Bucknell University ’21, Biomedical Engineering

Anurag’s interests are playing tennis and rugby, going on long hikes and reading thrillers and mystery novels. He is also interested in teaching kids and has taught various subjects to kids of different age groups. Anurag’s main project is investigating the role of fluid in the compressive properties of muscle. After Bucknell, he wants to pursue a PhD in neuro-engineering and join the medical device industry.

Ruthie Segall, Bucknell University ’21, Cell Biology/Biochemistry

Ruthie is a student-athlete on the Women’s Varsity Cross Country and Track teams. She plans to go into either Physical Therapy or Orthopedic Research because of the injuries she has faced over her own athletic career and others close to her. She hopes to eventually pursue a Doctorate of Physical Therapy or a MS/PHD in a related field of study. She is researching collagen fiber alignment in skeletal muscle to investigate fiber orientation during stretch. Her passion is to help others and she hopes to accomplish this by understanding the cause of athletic injuries at the biomechanical and biochemical level.

Elyssa Penson, Bucknell University ’21, Mechanical Engineering

Elyssa is a Mechanical Engineering student with a minor in physics. She is a member of the Bucknell track and cross country teams. After Bucknell, she plans to attend a graduate school. Elyssa is working on characterization of biaxial mechanics of organogel polymers for potential use as tissue replacements. She is co-advised by Prof. Kenny Mineart in Chemical Engineering at Bucknell.

Kristen Fu, Bucknell University ’20, Mechanical Engineering 

Kristen is majoring in mechanical engineering at Bucknell. Her biggest interest in watching all kinds of movies and recommend them to others. Her summer research is focused on biaxial testing on mammalian muscles. After graduation, she plans to go to graduate school and work on innovations and development in the biology and medical field.

Previous Students

Margo Yancey, Bucknell University ’19, Mechanical Engineering

Joelle Andres-Beck, Bucknell University ’20, Mechanical Engineering and Comparative and Digital Humanities

Sai Pranav Rallabhandi, Bucknell University ’21, Mechanical Engineering

Christine Bendzinski, Bucknell University ’18, Biochemistry